The Benefits of Online Learning

Benefits of Online Learning

Over the last two decades, the world of online continuing education has exploded – and for good reason! There are many advantages for students looking to expand their professional knowledge using online resources. InternetCE has been at the forefront of continuing education insurance courses since 1998. Through the years, we have grown our database, expanded our course offerings, and refined our process to provide NC insurance professionals with high quality continuing education coursework at an affordable price.

So, what makes online continuing education great?

Well, since you asked…. you can:

Find what interests you. Are you a secret computer nerd who loves learning about cyber security? Do you feel overwhelmed keeping up with the latest in health insurance? Are you concerned with how to best serve your senior clients? Guess what? We have a course for that… and that… and that… and plenty others. Look through our extensive course catalogue (we’re adding new ones all the time) to find an insurance continuing education course that piques your interest.

Work at your own pace. Have you ever sat through a class and struggled to keep up with your fast-talking professor? You never have to worry about that our online continuing education insurance courses. Work at your own speed, take breaks when you need it, and seamlessly pick up right where you left off! We design our insurance CE courses to be simple, efficient and easy to understand. So, whether you’re a cram-it-all-in-one-sitting student, or one that needs to digest the information over some breaks, InternetCE has you covered.

Choose your ideal learning setting. Are you most efficient first thing in the morning? Does your brain not ramp up until the sun goes down? Do you like studying in a library? In a coffee shop? On your own back porch? InternetCE allows you to choose the setting, and schedule, that works best for you.

Keep it fresh. Who wants to open a heavy text book and stare at page after page, line after line, of text? Certainly not us! InternetCE has designed all its online insurance continuing education courses to be easy-to-read. We include images, charts, graphics and icons to break up the text. We incorporate colorful headings, and highlight key facts, that will help make you retain critical information in order to help you pass your CE test with flying colors. And we try to bring in a little fun wherever we can!

Receive instant results. No more waiting for that “you passed!” notification to come through the mail. Not only does InternetCE offer quizzes throughout the course to prepare you for the final exam, you also receive instant grading! Best of all, we offer free, unlimited retakes – any course, any time. Test when you feel ready. After you pass, you receive a printable certificate of completion. Yay you!

… we could go on all day. We’re nuts about this stuff! But our biggest passion is in helping insurance agents, all across North Carolina, stay at the top of their field. By helping you with your continuing education, we ultimately help your clients get the best and brightest agent around. And we’re pretty grateful for the opportunity to do that. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get you those insurance CE credits!

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