Law & Order: Commercial Crime Policy

Protecting Businesses from Property Loss

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4 Credit Hours

This course favors P&C insurance agents but is applied as general credit for all agents.


This course covers the following topics:
  • Examine the commercial crime policy form
  • Review commercial crime policy coverages, terminology, and insuring agreements


No business owner wants to believe that employee theft or third-party crime could happen to them. But as technological developments continue to develop, small business owners are becoming more susceptible to fraud. Current statistics show that employee theft is costing U.S. businesses around $50 billion annually. Commercial crime insurance is designed to protect businesses from losses due to third-party fraud or employee fidelity. Business crime causes a certain degree of uneasiness for any business, regardless of the security measures in place. Commercial crime insurance protects the small business owner from employee dishonesty, financial theft, burglary, robbery, forgery and computer fraud. After completing this course, you should have a good understanding of the commercial crime policy form – along with the coverages, terminology and insuring agreements.


1. Introduction

  • 1.1 Purpose of the Course
  • 1.2 Commercial Crime: A Poorly Understood Risk

2. The Commercial Crime Policy

  • 2.1 Commercial Crime Coverage Part
  • 2.2 Common Policy Declarations
  • 2.3 The Common Policy Conditions
  • 2.4 Commercial Crime Declarations
  • 2.5 Limit of Insurance and Deductible
  • 2.6 Commercial General Exclusions
  • 2.7 Commercial Crime Conditions
  • 2.8 Commercial Crime Definitions
  • 2.9 Summary
  • Chapter 2 Quiz

3. Commercial Crime Insuring Agreements

  • 3.1 Basic Insuring Agreements
  • 3.2 Additional Insuring Agreements
  • 3.3 Common Commercial Crime Endorsements
  • 3.4 Commercial Crime Rating
  • 3.5 Summary
  • Chapter 3 Quiz

4. Conclusion

  • 4.1 In Conclusion


  • Final Exam


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