Modular Home Policy

Safeguarding Mobile Homeowners from the Unique Challenges They Face

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4 Credit Hours

This course favors P&C insurance agents but is applied as general credit for all agents.


This course covers the following topics:
  • An in-depth look at the common coverages, exclusions, conditions, and features of a modular home policy
  • Examine variations of the modular home policy
  • Discuss optional coverages in the policy


Retirement planning in America has taken on a variety of forms over the course of history. Likewise, the type of work and the longevity of that work has continued to shift. To address this, individuals, employers, and lawmakers have frequently considered what the state of retirement looks like for Americans.

This course will provide an overview of the main savings plans Americans use to set themselves up for retirement, as well as a history of retirement savings in America. Despite opportunities to save, however, many Americans are not financially prepared for their retirement years, as current trends and statistics will demonstrate. This is where the SECURE Act comes in.

On December 20, 2019, Congress passed the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act, known more commonly as the SECURE Act. The bill was mainly designed to ease the alarming retirement savings crisis, aiding Americans’ abilities to save for retirement. Examine variations of the modular home policy In addition, the course will look at other notable non-retirement provisions of the SECURE Act, before finishing with a discussion of the pros and cons of the Act.


1. Introduction

  • 1.1 Purpose of the Course
  • 1.2 Overview
  • 1.3 Summary
  • Chapter 1 Quiz

2. Understanding Mobile Home Insurance

  • 2.1 Insuring Agreement– The Owner-Occupied Mobile Home Insurance Policy
  • 2.2 Property Coverage
  • 2.3 Property Not Covered
  • 2.4 Coverages Provided
  • 2.5 Property Exclusions
  • 2.6 Conditions Applying to Section I
  • 2.7 Personal Liability Coverage
  • 2.8 Medical Payments to Others Coverage
  • 2.9 Additional Coverages
  • 2.10 Exclusions

  • 2.11 Conditions Applying to Section II
  • 2.12 Conditions Applying to Section I and Section II
  • 2.13 Summary
  • Chapter 2 Quiz

3. Variations on the Mobile Home Policy

  • 3.1 Tenant Occupied Mobile Home Insurance
  • 3.2 Named Perils Mobile Home Coverage
  • 3.3 Named Perils Adjacent Structures Coverage
  • 3.4 Named Perils Contents Coverage
  • 3.5 Extension of Contents Coverage
  • 3.6 Collision Coverage
  • 3.7 Additional Coverages
  • 3.8 Conditions
  • 3.9 Exclusions on Named Perils Coverage
  • 3.10 General Policy Conditions
  • 3.11 Summary
  • Chapter 3 Quiz

4. Optional Coverages

  • 4.1 Endorsements to the Mobile Home Policy
  • 4.2 Summary

5. Conclusion

  • 5.1 Conclusion

Final Exam

  • Final Exam


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