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Is InternetCE approved in my home state?

Our courses are currently approved for North Carolina. We hope to offer our courses for additional states soon.

What types of courses does InternetCE offer?

We offer courses for insurance continuing education credits in Life/Accident and Health, Property and Liability, or Adjusting.

Which courses should I choose?

We organize individual courses by insurance license type, as well as offer bundles of 12 and 24 credit hours to make the decision easier for you. Each bundle includes an ethics course and elective topics we think you will enjoy. In North Carolina, producers are required to take 24 credit hours of insurance continuing education, including three hours of ethics, every two-year license term.

What should I expect from an online course?

We use a unique system to help you learn the material easily. Our online courses present you with information in large type that is easy to read. We highlight key items in gray and quiz you after each chapter to make sure you are learning critical information. You may review the material as much as you want before taking your required online, multiple-choice exam. Passing the exam proves your proficiency in that subject to your state’s governing authority.

Can I take a course I’ve already taken before?

Yes! As long as you haven’t taken it during this two-year term the state will give you CE credit.

Can I print my online course materials and test questions?

According to the state authority, it is not permissible to print or download any course material or exam questions. However, you are free to access all online courses from our website anytime.

What if I don’t pass my exam?

A passing score is 70% or higher. The good news is that you have unlimited opportunities to retake your exam for FREE. Although, we hope you don’t have to retake it too many times!

How long does it take to complete an online course?

The time required to complete an online course varies from student to student, but it roughly approximates the number of credit hours awarded for the course. You must pass an online, multiple-choice exam. Passing the exam proves your proficiency in that subject to your state’s governing authority.

Will InternetCE report my course completions for me?

Yes, we report course completions the next business day. Licensees should still hold on to their course competition certificate for five years.

How long will it take for my credits to appear on my transcript?

Depending on the process in your state, it usually takes no longer than 24 hours for your credits to appear on your state transcript. View your North Carolina transcript by clicking here.

I don’t have access to the email associated with my InternetCE account. Can I change my email address?

Yes. After logging in, you can go to your account page and elect to change your email address. If you can’t log in, give us a call (844) 209-5004 and we can change it for you.

I already have an account with InternetCE, but it looked a lot different the last time I was here. How do I login?

You’re in the right place! Your account is still here, but our site has a fresh new look with more exciting courses being added all the time. To get to the login page, make sure you start on the home page. From there, click the ‘Get Started’ tab in the middle of your screen. Once you are brought to the page, you will see the login button at the right corner of your screen. Please contact us if any issues arise with your login credentials.

How do I find out which courses I completed on the site prior to April 1, 2019?

You can view your InternetCE transcript on your account profile or by clicking here.

Do my purchased courses expire?

Yes, access to your courses will expire 12 months from the date of purchase.

Are there any additional fees with my course purchase?

Yes, there is a filing fee required by the state to submit your passing scores. In North Carolina, the state filing fee is $2.05 per credit hour.

Where do I insert my promo code to receive a discount?

After choosing the course you would like to redeem for the promo code, click “purchase.” Either click “I already have an account!” or fill out the form with your information and click “sign up.” On the next page, below the total price click the words “have a promo code?” and paste the code in the box that appears and click “apply.” Type your credit card number to cover the cost of the state filing fee. Click “purchase” and you’re all set to start your course!

I purchased a course on the previous site but I’m not seeing it on my account. How do I take the course?

We can easily add the courses you already purchased. Simply contact us and let us know! We will quickly add your past purchase to your new account.

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