Going Digital: What Social Media Site Works Best for You?

We previously discussed the positive ways social media can boost your company’s image. While social media is a vital advertising tool, it is important to understand which platform is most suitable to reach your desired clientele. Understanding each social platform’s niche demographics can help drive your brand’s online presence.


Over a quarter of the world population accesses their Facebook account at least once a month. Facebook demographics are nearly equal in terms of gender but leans more toward a female user base. Also, 78% of individuals aged 30-49 use Facebook and 81% of those 18-29 are also present. At the bottom, we’ve linked InternetCE’s as an example!


This photo-sharing app has grown in both available features and users since its founding in 2010. About 35% of all U.S. adults use Instagram and there are approximately 1 billion monthly active users. Instagram leans toward a younger audience than Facebook and primarily appeals to teens and young adults. This platform is also more popular among women.


One unique feature of Twitter is that it is one of the last remaining social networks with a chronological feed. This platform is most popular with people in their 20s and those of younger age ranges. Additionally, the majority of adults using Twitter have graduated from college and have a high socioeconomic status. Due to its chronological order, Twitter can prove beneficial for crisis communication.


LinkedIn is not just a site for potential job seekers! It is a large community of professionals – and it can provide you with a wonderful opportunity to build your brand while sharing your professional expertise with a listening audience. LinkedIn has a unique position among the other major social media players due to its very specific user base: affluent and educated professionals.

By understanding the demographics of each social platform, you can adjust your social media messaging to make the biggest impact on its users.


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