Productivity Tips in a Less-Than-Productive Environment

As an insurance agent, be it for property and casualty insurance, accident and health insurance, or life insurance, you work hard to use your time well in a way that is helpful and valuable to your clients. During these unusual times of working from home, you may be finding yourself struggling to create a new normal. One that allows you to maintain the level of professional productivity that your job requires and your clients deserve. So we put together some tips to help you figure out how to be productive as an insurance agent during this time.

Get good sleep and start your day as you normally would.

Be sure your body is well-rested. Set a routine for yourself each morning. Get dressed and prepared as usual. Eat a healthy breakfast. These simple actions will help you psychologically feel like you are at home to work and not just relax.

Create a schedule or routine.

Plan out your day. Schedule in tasks to complete. Schedule in phone calls. Schedule in time to take care of short, personal tasks. Schedule in lunch. A planned schedule can help you have a balanced approach to your day. Avoid doing personal at-home tasks or checking the internet or social media during times you need to be focused on work tasks.

Set goals.

Each day, have a balance of simple tasks that you can achieve and feel motivated about, as well as those that take longer – do a little bit on them each day.

Build in exercise.

The American Psychological Association reports that employees are 15% more productive on days they exercise. They are also less likely to develop job burnout and depression. Take a walk to get some fresh air and rejuvenate your mind. Find a workout video on the internet. Go for a bike ride. FaceTime a friend and do a routine together.

Take Breaks.

Though it might seem contradictory, breaks in your work will help you be more productive. In fact, Connect Solutions found that the top 10% of productive employees take a break – which is about 17 minutes long. Plan a short break after every 60-90 minutes of work. Watch a TED talk or comedian routine. Do an easy task around the house. Have a conversation with a family member. Read some funny memes from others who are in the same boat.

Be intentional about maintaining interpersonal relationships.

Connect with your clients with a phone, mass text, or email – let them know you’re there for them. In addition, be sure to connect with your team members/colleagues. Use a video conference program to see familiar faces, and make phone calls to hear a friendly voice instead of sending emails.

Think ahead.

Use this time to start prepping for your busy season or creating plans for future professional tasks.

Use “computer time” to your advantage.

Since you are limited to at-home independent work, now is a great time to take online continuing education (CE) courses. These CE courses help you stay knowledgeable in the field and provide you with CE credits you need. Here’s a great one on ways to Safeguard Your Business.

In conclusion, we hope that these tips on how to be productive as an insurance agent during this time have been helpful! It’s not easy to find a clear balance of personal and professional responsibilities during this unfamiliar time, but being purposeful in how you approach things can make a big difference.

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