Going Digital: The Importance of Establishing your Agency on Social Media

The rise of social media has transformed advertising in every industry. Social media is far more than a selfie with a witty caption. It can be used to advance your business’ visibility. About 50% of consumers refer to social media comments prior to making an insurance buying decision, and nearly 70% of a buyer’s journey is conducted digitally. Not having a presence on social media is a huge missed opportunity since the majority of consumers say that brand-generated social media sites influence their purchases. Still not convinced? Below are more reasons social advertising can be beneficial to business.

It Builds Your Brand

Social media allows customers to better understand your business’ values. By emphasizing certain aspects of your organization, you can influence the way customers view and remember it.

It is Flexible and Convenient

Social media allows you to have complete control over when, where, and what time you post. Unlike traditional advertising, you don’t need an agency to broker a placement in a publication. Social media allows you to become your own advertising agency. You control the whole process from start to finish.

Direct Connection with your Customers (and Potential Ones!)

A post on social media is actually a useful business tool. It has allowed businesses to bolster its brand image and have direct contact with customers. It allows you to connect with all your customers – and potential customers – directly with information that informs, engages and entertains!

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